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through connection.

We always start with WHY.

We find ourselves in an age of disconnect.

This disconnection between human and earth holds significant ramifications to the longevity and quality of life we will enjoy moving into our future.

While this may seem an overwhelming issue, we in the Wild Air are filled with passion and quest to create spaces facilitating authentic connection experiences that deliver social, economic and environmental benefit to our community. For the sake of our children's future. 

Wild Air projects focus on LEISURE, LEARNING & LIVING experiences.

We take a SOLUTIONARY approach to creating pathways of impactful human interaction that regenerate and strengthen our environmental and social resilience - within commercially viable frameworks.

CONNECTION is at the core of each of our projects.

We believe that through connection, we can support resilient environments and communities.

Through connection also comes CELEBRATION, CULTURE and COLLABORATION - the vibrant stuff of connected and resilient communities.

Our ideas are BIG and we collaborate with passionate, like minded professionals to bring projects of impact into the physical realm. We come together with untethered idealistic vision, innovation mindsets, a penchant for the sharing of delicious experiences, authentic connection to our natural world and the complimentary skill set to bring big ideas to life.


nature as



Design  +  Development  +  Management.

Wild Air design idealistic models of interaction between humans and earth in property specific projects

We offer full service solutions in design, project management, communications and operations with a passion for environmental innovations to support long term resilience. 

We create brands that operate with a triple bottom line accountability framework - Economic, Social and Environmental. 

The nutshell

  • Commercialisation of regional land into resilient, high yielding operational models meeting current market demands

  • Creating community centric masterplans strengthening connection between place to people + people to people

  • Sophisticated Architectural design, pursuing balance between nature and built space 

  • Masterplan and building designs addressing healthy building biology, climate resilience and long term sustainability

  • Focus industry sectors - Agri Tourism, Hospitality, Education and Residential

  • Innovating waste free and regenerative operation models 

  • Partnering with regional Councils, industry leaders and innovators to create projects of National distinction

  • Operations and management planning

  • Brand design, communications design and management



Creating a future ideal NOW.


We believe that designing through the lens of sustainability strengthens the bond between human and earth - and through that connection, humans become inspired to more consistently choose a path supportive of our long term resilience, enjoyment and relationship with our home.


We'd love to hear from you

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